« Maraya » stands for mirror in Arabic, is a purpose-built event venue in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. A gem of Saudi’s new north-west, Maraya is a cornerstone of Saudi’s ambitious development plans and now represents a world-class event venue.

Covered entirely in mirrors, the building is a stunning visual, reflecting the impressive natural landscape of AlUla – seemingly built with sand and stars. Beyond first glances, Maraya reveals itself as a modern wonder in a place of ancient wonders, as it plays the role of cultural hub and concert hall with 500 seats.

Designed by Giò Forma Designers Artists Architects, the building is covered with a mirrored surface of 9,750 m2, a size that has led it to enter the Guinness Book of World Records in 2020: it is this reflective solution that gives the entire structure the role of a stage for nature.

The apparent simplicity hides a high degree of technology and sophistication, which is indispensable for enduring and adapting to the extreme climatic conditions of the desert.

The lighting project, conceived by Voltaire Lighting Design, coexist perfectly with the structure and blends exceptional technical redefinitions with the stunning architecture of the project.

Yori Edge is used in high ceiling areas, where a discreet yet efficient lighting solution is required. Mood Pro is used in lounge areas where a solution characterized by minimal design and exceptional lighting performances is needed.