Oral Team Dental Center in Macherio (MB) is accessed through a bright private entrance area, characterized by large windows, where the reception desk is located. The reception is lit by Traceline Pendant, which offers a combination of direct and diffused light and indirect lighting to increase light levels and reduce contrasts. The finish used blends in perfectly with the space.

The administrative offices with large windows overlook the waiting room, an architectural trick that manages to optically expand the rooms ensuring proper lighting for all operational areas. To create diffused and coherent lighting in the waiting room, Unit 1x was used.

A sliding glass wall leads to the clinical area consisting of 5 dental rooms, a large-scale sterilization and an OPT room. Traceline Recessed mounted on the ceiling and on the walls allows the creation of a continuous and harmonious lighting line within the studio, while Trybeca gives the perfect finishing to the lighting project.

Medical rooms are equipped with Trybeca 4000K, perfectly suitable for aseptic spaces.

A secondary entrance arranged along the south wing of the building leads to the private area intended for operators consisting of several changing rooms, technical and service rooms, as well as the large multifunctional break area capable of becoming an efficient meeting room if necessary. Here, too, the Traceline Pendant is used.