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Incline 48V


Incline has been designed to bring you a miniaturized yet high performing, integrated 48V track lighting solution. The wide range of optical options provide solutions for not only ambient lighting but efficient, glare sensitive, dedicated task lighting.

Product Family

  • Incline 48V Opal
  • Incline 48V Dark Performance (UGR<19)
  • Incline 48V Dark Performance (UGR<15)
  • Incline 48V Dark Performance Adjustable 
  • Incline 48V Wall Washer

Linear lighting tools for 48V

Find the linear lighting solution that satisfies your needs

General lighting, ambient lighting, task lighting, wall washing: whatever you need, there’s an Incline 48V option for your projects.

Standard or deep version?

Incline 48V is available both in the standard and deep version: with the standard version, the driver follows the length of the product. With the deep version, the driver is connected beside the product.

Pick your Incline 48V

Incline 48V is available in versions: Opal, Dark performance (UGR<19), Dark Performance (UGR<15), Dark Performance Adjustable and Wall Washer. Both for standard and deep tracks.

Incline 48V Opal

Incline 48V Opal

Incline 48V Opal is the perfect solution for ambient lighting in spaces both big and small, guaranteeing a soft, homogeneous lighting. Incline 48V Opal is available for both standard and Deep tracks, with a flush or drop diffuser.

Choose between the standard and the drop version

The 114° beam angle of Incline 48V Opal guarantees a soft and uniform result. Opal Deep Drop ensures a more diffuse (165°) and aesthetic result, mitigating the "cave" effect.

Incline 48V Dark Performance

A true task light

Incline 48V Dark Performance is a true task light for 48V track. With carefully considered glare control and visual comfort principles, providing comfort in the workplace is assured. Multiple beam angles, lengths and additional accessories make it possible to meet all types of task lighting requirements in all projects. Different power options give flexibility depending on the different mounting height.

Standard or deep version?

Incline 48V Dark Performance, available both for standard and deep tracks, represents the ideal solution for task lighting.

Personalize the lighting result

Additional accessories for Incline 48V Adjustable give all the necessary tools to highlight and accentuate the details that make the space come to life.

Dark Performance UGR<15

Incline 48V Dark Performance (UGR<15)

Incline 48V Dark Performance (UGR<15) - Deep’s concealed driver disappears inside the Deep track.

Pick the solution that suits your projects

Incline 48V Dark Performance UGR<15 features 3 lengths: 250, 500 and finally 1000mm, going from 5W to 22W.

Visual comfort and high efficacy

Incline Dark Performance UGR<15's power led, PMMA collimator microlens, reflectors and plastic screen ensure a controlled, no glare result.

A precise result is assured

The 40° beam angle answers to office lighting requirements.


  • Micro–reflector with one beam angle: 40°
  • Dark Performance UGR<15 
  • 3 lengths: 250mm, 500mm, 1000mm
  • Standard LEDs: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K CRI>90


  • Micro–reflector with various beam angles: 18°, 25°, 40°, 56°
  • Dark Performance UGR<19 
  • Both for standard and deep tracks
  • 5 lengths: 62.5mm, 125mm, 250mm, 500mm, 1000mm
  • Standard LEDs: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K CRI>90

Incline Adjustable 48V

Extreme flexibility

Incline 48V Adjustable is the adjustable version of the Incline family and the perfect solution for efficient and precise accent lighting. Adjustable in both the vertical and horizontal axis, the product ensures maximum flexibility.

Incline 48V Wall Washer

Choose between standard or deep track

Incline 48V Wall Washer provides soft and uniform wall washer lighting. The dedicated lens system ensures that light intensity is evenly distributed along the entire wall. Available for both standard and Deep 48V tracks.

A smooth wall washing result

The 30° Wall Washer beam angle of Incline 48V Wall Washer guarantees an even distribution of light.

Complete your 48V project

Play with the 48V System

Create your own configuration by combining Incline 48V with Yori Evo 48V spotlights and Yori Pendant 48V suspension fixtures to create a customized lighting result. The 48V system is now complete: choose between standard and Deep tracks and compose your setting.  

Track 48V

Discover the 48V Track Family

The range of 48V tracks has never been so versatile, as you can now mount projectors, pendant solutions and linear lighting solutions, just like Incline 48V. The family of 48V track includes the standard and deep version, in its recessed, surface and pendant options. 

Download the Incline 48V Brochure