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Outline System


Ultra miniaturization, thin dimensions and minimal design: Outline is the new micro track system that can house projectors, pendant lighting fixtures and linear lighting solutions. Where aesthetics and attention to details are fundamental, Outline suits best: projectors and suspensions from ø22 to ø43mm, miniaturized tracks and wide possibilities of configurations, assure high flexibility. 


  • Yori Outline 24V
  • Yori Outline 24V - Zoom
  • Yori Pendant Outline 24V
  • Linear Outline 24V - Opal
  • Incline Outline 24V - Adjustable
  • Outline track

Only 11mm

Ultra miniaturization, thin dimensions and minimal design: Outline is the new micro track system that houses projectors, pendants and linear lighting solutions, in only 11 mm. 

Choose the perfect application for your project

Outline tracks are available in recessed, surface, pendant version and pendant with indirect light (also round). The surface version is available both for linear and curved configurations. 

Keep it simple

Track Outline 24V Pendant - Indirect, also in round version, is ideal for any minimal installation. 
It can be combined with any fixture of the new Outline 24V System, to create an infinite range of lighting configurations. The tracks are available in embossed matt white, embossed matt black, brushed gold and anodized bronze finishes. 

Choose your finish

24V tracks come in 4 color finishes:
12 Embossed matt white (standard)
31 Embossed matt black (standard)
E0 Brushed gold, T1 Anodized bronze, 01 Chrome only on request with MOQ.

Yori Outline 24V

Yori Outline 24V

Ultra miniaturization with precise accent lighting: Yori Outline 24V is our iconic Yori projector, made especially for the miniaturized Outline system. The 7mm adapter literally disappears inside the track while the projector keeps its characteristics: minimalistic design, refined finishes, excellent lighting results. 

Different sizes and beam angles available

Yori Outline 24V features three sizes: Ø22mm, Ø35mm, Ø43mm. The projectors are available in both single and cluster arrangements. Beam angles available from 8° to 34°. 

Play with the curves

Ultimate flexibility

Place your projector on curved sections. Outline surface tracks are available in curved configurations with 30cm and 50cm radius as standard. Choose Yori Outline with curved adaptor and personalize your design. 

Made for curved applications

The curved adaptor, developed especially for our Outline system, allows the installation of Yori projectors in curved track. Yori Outline 24V with curved adaptor is available in Ø22mm, Ø35mm, Ø43mm. Beam angles available from 8° to 34°. 

Personalize the light beam

Yori Outline 24V offers high flexibility thanks to the wide range of interchangeable accessories (selective and colored filters, concentric circles). 

Wide range of finishes

Yori Outline 24V is available in 11 finishes, assuring maximum personalization of the product:
31 Embossed matt black (standard)
12 Embossed matt white (standard)
B0 Royal matt black
C0 Royal matt white
01 Chrome
M0 Brushed aluminum
E0 Brushed gold
D0 Brushed brass
N0 Brushed copper
L0 Antiqued brushed bronze
T1 Anodized Bronze

Go beyond

Yori Outline 24V - Zoom

Yori Outline 24V Zoom is an excellent solution for accent lighting.Yori Outline 24V Zoom is available in Ø22mm, Ø35mm, Ø43mm.
The beam can be adjusted from 7° to 14° (Ø22mm)
from 9° to 21° (Ø35mm)
from 13° to 37° (Ø43mm).

Yori Pendant Outline 24V

Yori Pendant Outline 24V

Make it pendant. Yori Outline 24V is also available in pendant version. Available sizes: Ø22mm, Ø35mm, Ø43mm. Pendants can be housed in surface, recessed and pendant Outline 24V track. 

Different sizes and beam angles available

Yori Pendant Outline 24V is available in three lengths, 150mm (Ø35mm), 220mm (Ø43mm) and 400mm (Ø22mm, Ø35mm, Ø43mm). Available with both linear and curved adaptors. 

Sleek design

Yori Pendant Outline 24V features sleek and minimal design with excellent lighting results. Its beam angles is available from 10° to 33°.

Wide range of color finishes

Yori Pendant Outline 24V comes in 11 color finish, to assure maximum personalization of the product.
12 Embossed matt white (standard)
31 Embossed matt black (standard)
C0 Royal matt white
B0 Royal matt black
01 Chrome
M0 Brushed aluminum
E0 Brushed gold
D0 Brushed brass
N0 Brushed copper
L0 Antiqued brushed bronze
T1 Anodized Bronze

Incline Outline 24V - Adjustable

Incline Outline 24V - Adjustable

Miniaturized, high performing, integrated track lighting solution, specifically made for the Outline 24V system. Assured flexibility thanks to the adjustable body. The Custom-made optics ensure optimal performance with minimal glare (UGR<19).  

Complete integration with the architectural structure

Incline Outline 24V - Adjustable represents the best solution for retail spaces, shop windows and other architectural structures. Thanks to its miniaturized dimensions, it can be easily integrated within shop window frames. Additional accessories makes it possible to perfect the lighting result. Finally, the adjustability allows precise adjustment of the beam towards the product or object to be highlighted. 

Personalize the lighting result

Incline Outline 24V - Adjustable can be personalized with a wide variety of technical and decorative accessories for unique flexibility (selective filters, honeycomb, spread lens accessory). 

Linear Outline 24V - Opal

Minimal lighting module

Linear Outline 24V - Opal is the linear lighting solution for Outline system. It represents a non-intrusive solution and assures a comfortable diffused lighting result.

3 lengths available

Linear Outline 24V - Opal is available in 674mm, 1174mm and 1674mm.

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