The innovative Interchangeable Optical System (IOS) provides a comprehensive range of interchangeable optics for Reggiani LED and discharge luminaires. As such, the IOS provides designers and their clients with exceptional flexibility when commissioning on site and throughout the life of the lighting installation.

The IOS comprises a choice of highly efficient reflectors combined with a large selection of optics. This combination provides the maximum level of control over the light emitted from the luminaire. Furthermore, with a Light Output Ratio (LOR) of up to 90% the IOS delivers unparalleled performance and energy efficiency.

The IOS can be fitted with a series of filters to reduce infrared or ultraviolet radiation and to achieve desired chromatic effects.

The number of possible design combinations is practically unlimited and the filter is always perfectly matched to the beam. IOS optics, in diameters of 80mm and 130mm, are available with a comprehensive selection of light beams and colours and can accommodate a range of energy-saving light sources

Crucially, the optics are independent of the luminaire and can be easily removed without replacing the entire unit –often without removing the luminaire from its installed location.

High-efficiency reflector

The 99.99% pure aluminium reflector guarantees high-performance with a greater luminous flux than standard reflectors, resulting in increased light output.

Twist-lock fixing systems

The twist-lock fixing system is used for all reflector types and is extremely user-friendly in support of the interchangeable concept of the IOS.

Safety shield

The independent safety shield is constructed of moulded and tempered glass with a very hard surface that guarantees the coating will last forever. This provides considerably enhanced safety, compared to flat tempered glass, lending itself to a wide range of finishes, coloured dichroic filters and selective filters for food.