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28 July 2017
Unit offers flexibility for different lighting schemes in retail spaces. Trim or trimless, single, double, triple or continuous. Our recessed spotlight can be recessed, flush or drop, with 35° of adjustability, with unique mechanical features making it minimal and discrete in the ceiling. The new optics reach unbelievable performance in terms of light output and […] Read more

Cells configurator

05 May 2017
The new Cells configurator is an intuitive, rapid tool developed to compose the most suitable solution in our range of Cells exterior luminaires to meet your specific lighting design needs. Indeed, Cells comes in a wide range of finishes for use in numerous settings. The extreme flexibility means a number of different optical configurations can […] Read more

Cells: new accessories

10 April 2017
Now available new accessories for outdoor wall mounted fixture Cells: antiglare visor and adjustable brackets. Inspired by the cellular eye structure of a dragonfly, we have created Cells as an urban lighting solution designed to be installed as single or connected multiple modules. Our advanced control optics give you a wide choice of functionality, from […] Read more

Cells: new recessed version

10 April 2017
The range of outdoor fixtures Cells grows up with a new recessed version, offered in two variants: with the diffuser in position flush or drop. Cells, inspired by the cellular eye structure of a dragonfly, is available in a wide series of finishes in order to fit in different locations. Excellent performances and great flexibility […] Read more

3-circuit track + DIMM/DALI

21 March 2017
The new Reggiani track is a mixed three-circuit system with two extra conductors so a single product can be used to control the three circuits and the dimming (Dimm 1-10V / DALI). Available with four types of attachment: directly on ceiling or wall, hung on suspension wires or in false ceiling/recessed. We have introduced this […] Read more

Warm Dimming LED Technology

19 March 2015
The new LED Warm Dimming (DT) technology can be used to change the lighting to meet the technical and design needs of the moment, creating a pleasant, halogen dimming effect; this soft or accent lighting is perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, wellness centres and homes. The illuminance and the colour temperature of the LED […] Read more

Linea Luce Slim System

16 October 2014
Range of linear recessed LED lamp fixtures with outstanding performance and versatility. Available in three sizes with different recess depth requirements, Linea Luce Slim line can be integrated into a wide range of architectonic contexts for interiors. It has concentrating, medium and diffuser optics so that the beam can be perfectly adapted to the requirements […] Read more

Splyt System

10 October 2014
System of luminaires for interiors, born of the specific requirement to offer high performance optics with an optical compartment thickness of just 40mm, SPLYT is a further result of Reggiani’s collaboration with leading British lighting designers, LAPD Consultants. The system enables the fixture mounting to adapt to the specific requirements of the project, with semi-recessed, […] Read more