Monographic exhibition, Pablo Atchugarry: “Life of matter”
From 27.10.2021 to 30.01.2022
Palazzo Reale Milan, Hall of the Caryatids
Free entry

We are honored to be the Lighting Partner of the “Life of matter” exhibition by the well-known Uruguayan sculptor Pablo Atchugarry, exhibited at the Palazzo Reale in the prestigious Sala delle Cariatidi from Wednesday 27/10/2021 to 31/01/2022.

The exhibition consists of forty works, all rigorously created, personally by the sculptor, mainly using marble. A point of reflection and a tribute to his great career, the exhibition is an overview of the artist’s works, sculpted over the last 20 years, from different areas of the world, with some having been created specifically for this exhibition. The artist has been able to concentrate in his sculptures the globalized work of every collector and the experts of the world with his international fame.

The sculptures are fully illuminated with the adjustable version of the Mood Pro recessed range. Recessed on the sides of the square base that supports each work, Mood Pro Adjustable square Ø110mm gave the opportunity to enhance the works in all their dimensions, thanks to the high lumen output and the wide range of accessories used. The particularity of the exhibition is the variety of materials and colors used: statuary marble from Carrara, pink marble from Portugal, bronze painted in the shades of primary colors, alabaster, black Belgian marble and wood.
The careful choice of LEDs in terms of color temperatures and color rendering ensured a result in line with the artist’s vision: incredibly natural materials and colors.

The exhibition is open until 31/01/2022