Reggiani Illuminazione participated in Alexander McQueen’s flagship store project in Miami: located in the famous Miami District at 146 NE 41st Street, Alexander McQueen launched a new high-end location, characterized by an immersive and welcoming atmosphere.

The lighting designed by lighting design studio Metis Lighting, complements the store’s concept developed by architect Smilijan Radic. Radic designed a fascinating setting utilizing a material palette of wood, raw stone, fabrics with intense colours and glass constructions to highlight the brand’s famous fashion items. Nature coexists elegantly with high fashion expressing the unique character of the brand.

An ever-important element of store design is featuring flattering light for shoppers. An excellent lighting result is guaranteed thanks to a custom version of the Unit Round product. Perfectly designed to adapt to different surfaces, makes it suitable for the project. Adjustable downlights incorporated into the ceiling and dome, in an organic and casual arrangement, focuses on the products displayed at the same time as general light throughout the space. The fixtures are positioned in a balanced way avoiding any discomfort from glare.

The luminaires come with high CRI, which allows you to realistically imitate coloured objects matched to an ideal natural light source.

Alexander McQueen stores thus become not only a destination for the showcased fashion, but also a landmark for its unique architecture.