Italian children’s clothing brand Il Gufo has a new showroom, located at 12 Via Bagutta, Milan, at the heart of the city’s Fashion District. 450 square metres of display space and offices, for the brand’s marketing and communication teams, inside the historic Palazzo Reina, recently restored.

The building was constructed between 1826 and 1831, and was previously owned by a succession of noble families. The renovation project involved the careful, conservative restoration of the plaster façades and interior walls, the building’s paintings and the small temple in the garden, with precise and diverse interventions depending on the state of conservation of the surfaces and the importance of the decorations on the vaults.

The environment required lighting that would highlight the valuable architecture of the spaces without obscuring the beauty of the frescoed ceilings. The ceiling heights required a solution which would deliver sufficient performance, but at the same time minimalist, so as to blend discretely into an architectural context of this prestige.

The lighting designers therefore opted for efficient illumination, limiting the number of luminaires, and for quality light (SDCM <2 and CRI> 90), to showcase the clothing collections on display. So they chose projectors from the Yori Evo Ghostrack family, which, with their compact dimensions and hidden driver (patented technology), limited the space occupied, to avoid stealing the show from the palazzo’s spectacular frescoes.

The Precision optics allowed the use of reduced power (17 W) and a projector of only 60 mm in diameter from an installation height of 4 m, whilst also ensuring excellent illuminance and optimal light distribution accuracy.

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