The L’Occitane en Provence Experiential Boutique is a flagship store that introduces an innovative design concept and shopping experience for the beauty product brand. The design incorporates contemporary interpretations of Provençal outdoor scenes into several distinct shopping areas. The use of light supports the translation of these exterior environments into the context of the store interior while unifying the space into a singular, cohesive narrative for the customer.

The “Greeting” area takes its design cues from a French town square. The space is open and luminous with a free-flowing, flexible layout. Yori projector with its high CRI LED light sources are utilized throughout this area and adjacent storefront windows to bring attention to the various product displays and emphasize the vibrant palette of the branding. Ribbed glass lenses are used to evenly wash the perimeter displays while narrow beam reflectors accent the floor podiums and signage. The lighting track is suspended within a ceiling trellis from which continually changing seasonal decorations are hung.

The store culminates in the “Hospitality” area which emulates the ambiance of a private courtyard and instills the feeling of tranquility and relaxation for the guests. Light from above is filtered through the abstracted form of a tree canopy and feature elements are lit using a combination of Yori in its two different sizes (Ø60mm and Ø95mm). The Yori Ø95mm heads highlight the wall hand cream display, which is reminiscent of an impressionist mural while the Yori Ø60mm heads are focused directly downward, accenting the hand bar and central tree.

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