The restoration project of the church of the Immaculate Conception in Melilla, located in the first fortified enclosure, mainly consisted of uncovering layers and cleaning to detect and explain the three churches that were founded inside the walls.

The more ancient layer consists of a Gothic church of uncertain origin for which archeologists are still searching for more detailed information. Then there is a Renaissance church that overlaps with the first one, and finally comes a Baroque church which, in turn, continues growing and evolving over time to reach the actual church that visitors can see today

Lighting project

The concept for the lighting project carried out by Javier Górriz (DCI  Diseño y Consultoría de Iluminación)is focused on incorporating  the emotional factor of light into the renovation project.

The revealing and cleaning process of the renovation is carried out firstly with material and constructive elements as a means of expression, and then with sensations expressed through different lighting configurations; light is considered as if it were another building element among the renovation process.

Functional Lighting is considered in first place; a temple has main activities as the function of the mass; artificial lighting must be able to cover the need to carry out these activities and the movement of people.
Particular attention is given to the global visual comfort of the spaces: avoiding indiscriminate flood lighting and providing instead anti-glare elements, integrating lighting into the architecture and using warm color temperatures (3000K) that promote a state of peace and well-being.

On the other hand the emotional lighting element, aims to transmit sensations to the visitors; the lighting scheme allows to create different lighting scenes depending on the needs. The use of light and shadow highlights the scars of the passage of time and emphasizes history. The architectural lighting design project transforms also  the space, when natural light disappears, making the visitor perceive the same space in both daytime and night time in different ways. This coexistence with natural lighting, treated as it were  constructive element, helps to understand the space during daytime.

Product used:
For this project we supplied our LED projector Yori channel in different power versions(10W, 22W, 30W) with antiglare accessory and recessed fixtures Re Low LED.

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