Situated in the historical area of Sevilla, Spain, Palazzo Belli Sevilla has opened in September 2022. With the finest selection of luxury brands, Palazzo Belli counts itself as one of the best boutiques in Spain. It is spread over three floors in one of the most important historic buildings in the area, in what is called the “building without balconies” and which is distinguished by an ancient clock that dominates the entrance to the boutique.

The decision to open up the new boutique in Seville has been made by the italian owners of Palazzo Belli stores, who have found in Seville a charming, elegant, yet still lacking of luxury stores city. Palazzo Belli Seville is certainly destined to place the Andalusian capital at very high levels, as regards the shopping experience. At Palazzo Belli is possible to find in a single boutique, international brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Versace,  Balmain, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Tom Ford, and many others. Palazzo Belli represents a novel and highly applauded opening by not only fashion lovers, but also architecture passionates who find in the space a mindful project of glamorous contrasts. 

The project has been followed by the italian architecture studio Cardinali&Gazzabin Architects, who developed a minimalistic yet glamorous concept for the space, enhancing both the historical building in which the boutique is located and the high end, contemporary fashion showcased.

Quality lighting is a key factor in assuring the perfect harmony of the space. Linearity here is the protagonist of the lighting project, which already gives a calming and glamorous feeling from the outside. The shop windows, enlighted by Yori Evo 48V, immediately catches the eye of the pedestrians as it puts under the spotlight what is on display.

By entering the boutique, the customer is immersed in a soft, welcoming space, which deploys in different rooms and it’s characterized by armonious yet different color palettes. The vast women fashion section is enlighted by Yori Evo Ghostrack, the space is characterized by large spaces for the customers to wander around the collection exposed. Shoes and bags are showed almost as if they resemble art pieces, that need their own lighting to highglight every quality detail. Mens fashion section is characterized by the contrast between the burgundy walls and the green onyx carpet. The lighting scheme is  characterized by the use of Yori Evo Ghostrack in Chrome finish. The linearity of the application leaves space to the customer to fully enjoy the shopping experience in the space, while lighting does the rest.