Reggiani for Pucci: a shopping experience in the luxury world

For the opening of its first boutique in Azerbaijan, inside the Port Baku Mall department store in Baku, Emilio Pucci has decided to turn to Reggiani lighting solutions. The opening represents a very important stage in the brand’s expansion into emerging markets in the luxury sector.

The lighting project meets the needs of the brand by using light to create a unique atmosphere that generates in the consumer the perception of an exclusive but at the same time inviting environment.

The store is to be considered a new space for entering the world of Emilio Pucci. In fact, the boutique adopts the concept created by architect Joseph Dirand, taking inspiration from Palazzo Pucci in Florence, the maison’s historical premises.

Two large display windows frame the main entrance, marked by a façade in brass enhanced with classical Greek details. The unmistakable Emilio Pucci scarves, arranged along the front wall, invite customers into a harmony of colours.

The Reggiani products are positioned so as to heighten the mix of all the elements present and hallmarks of Emilio Pucci worldwide: the RTW collections, leather goods, accessories, eyewear and footwear are displayed on a total surface area of 130 m2 illuminated by elegant 26W Yori projectors on mounting rail with articulated arm. The high CRI (> 90) also allows the collection on display to be enhanced by bringing out its colours.

To meet display needs and the architect’s requests, the projectors are located in customised metal coves with a special finish as well as a special shade attached to the cove by a hinge on the side facing the customers. In this way, any glare is eliminated without blocking the focus of the projectors and guaranteeing a unique and unforgettable shopping experience.

The display layout then takes you to the spacious changing rooms lit by the discreet, simple Trybeca with 3W LEDs and drop diffuser. Here too, the high CRI allows for the quality of the chosen garments to be appreciated better. The corner for private fittings instead defines a more intimate atmosphere, accentuated by a magnificent sofa covered in pink silk velvet, nuanced walls and fine carpeting framed by travertine marble.

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