Spoon is a restaurant which offers Japanese fusion cuisine, the result of the creativity and culinary experimentation of Chef Wang. In each dish, the refinement of the ingredients is clear, assembled with experience and skill, all framed and enhanced by an intelligent study in the composition of the dish, to deliver the optimum aesthetic experience too. The restaurant was given a new look by the Naos Design studio, a process which saw Spoon’s elegant, refined ambience enhanced with marble walls, velvet seats, golden finishes and authentic Art Deco style.

The lighting project had to be flexible, in order to illuminate the various spaces effectively at different times of the day. 9W Unit recessed luminaires with super narrow beam (7°) were selected, delivering efficient, precision lighting over the restaurant’s tables despite the 4.5 metre-high ceilings. Chosen in the trimless chrome version, they are all Bluetooth-controllable thanks to the Casambi app with integrated programming for 3 different scenarios: one for lunch, a softer setting for dinner and a functional setting (with 100% illumination) for cleaning and room set-up. For scenographic illumination of the black marble wall, a series of Mood M Adjustable flush downlights with an embossed matt black finish was chosen, also controlled via the Casambi app, without the need for wiring, control units or routers. For the service areas and for the kitchen, the team opted for Yori Wall (35 and 60 mm) with dual emission and Yori Surface (60 mm) in various finishes.