The Innisfree flagship store in Midtown Manhattan is a one-of-a-kind, New York City-centric retail experience for the Korean beauty brand.

The store is visually divided into two stacked layers which emphasize the juxtaposition of the brand’s natural feeling with the scaffolding-cladded cityscape of New York. In the impressive double height retail area, Yori Evo Box between a system of perforated metal panels are the primary source of illumination lighting the green walls, product displays, and the central sculptural “island” feature.

Decorative luminous globes of different sizes, hung at different heights, create a sense of levity and playfulness while providing additional ambient light.

The rear of the store features an elevated mezzanine level with a dramatic view back to the street. The Yori Channel Arm discreetly illuminates this area and the retail space below from within ceiling slots.

For both application and areas, the solution provided has been Yori Evo in the 95mm version delivering high performance and a lumen package of approx. 3000lm.

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