London-based Kate and Sam Lighting Design were quick to identify our Yori Evo as the perfect fitting to use within the newly renovated The Glasshouse Restaurant at The Grove, Chandlers Cross, Hertfordshire. As an integral part of a very high-end fit-out, this exciting new-concept restaurant was in need of a lighting scheme that could match the restaurant’s intrinsic promise to guests of a truly unique and innovative multi-cuisine dining experience.

The Glasshouse renovation includes a triple-height glass conservatory extension with oversized bronze and glass hanging sculptures that blend seamlessly into the adjacent terraces and gardens. Kate and Sam designed a bespoke layout of track and spotlights situated directly above the eight different food preparation and serving stations that works perfectly and even encourages a more dynamic use of space.

A carefully selected number of our embossed matt black 60mm Yori Evo Ghostrack fittings give purpose to every length of track. Each fitting has individual beam angles ranging from a tight 12 degrees to a wide 39 degrees but all spotlights are fitted with the appropriate Precision or Performance lens and diffuser so as to deliver the exact lumen output desired to each section of the food on display or working surface below. In this way, guests are able to personally follow the finest highlighted detail of their food preparation by suitably accomplished chefs or simply make their choice, return to their table and enjoy.

In the seating areas, Kate and Sam had Reggiani specially create a bespoke brushed brass-finish track to complement the decorative matt brass surround. Here the luminaire of choice was the smaller, 43mm Yori Evo 48V complete with a precision lens to pick out all the specialities and delicacies on each table.

Kate and Sam Lighting Designers commented: “The Yori Evo Ghostrack was an excellent choice of fitting to help us realise our vision for this project. We sketched out our concept and the bespoke custom track matched the specification with simplicity and versatility. There are three distinct areas, each with distinct requirements – highlighting the moving kinetic sculptures running along the entire conservatory, spotlights with excellent colour rendering focused into the open plan kitchens and onto food displays and precision for intimate table lighting. We were so impressed by the range which offered so much controlled light from such a compact fitting and the larger fittings have now become a staple of the K&S tool kit. This range enabled us to create the right atmosphere in all corners of The Glasshouse.”