Our selection of projectors, linear and suspended luminaires is now available also in the low voltage version, in the new Yori Evo 48V System.  Thanks to the magnetic fixing, all the luminaires can be installed without any tools. To complete the range, the system includes also seven different low voltage tracks.

Yori Evo 48V
Yori Evo is now available in the Low Voltage version and in four sizes: 22mm, 35mm, 43mm and 60mm. The range has a lumen output from 200lm to 2000lm with Precision optics (lenses) for super narrow, narrow and medium beams and Performance optics (reflectors) for narrow, medium and wide beams.

Yori Pendant 48V
The low voltage range includes also Yori Pendant, which is added to the range of 48V options with 22mm, 35mm and 60mm diameters, different lengths and, as for the projectors, a wide and unique choice of accessories.

Yori Linear 48V
The system also includes Linear 48V, available  with three different diffusers: Opal, for soft and diffuse lighting; Prismatic, for more control; UGR, to avoid glare, especially in work places.

48V Tracks
All these new solutions are compatible with our new range of low voltage tracks. The tracks offer 7 different mounting options, on standard and high tracks, flush-mounted, surface, suspension and suspension with indirect light. The luminaires, with short and long arms and adapters with mechanical and magnetic adapters, guarantee flexibility and an easy installation. The whole system includes On/Off and DALI control systems with a smart option that can be controlled via Bluetooth.