The well-known brand Moxy, developed by Marriott, has recently opened its first hotel in Hamburg.  We collaborated to the lighting project complementing the interior design of JOI Design with the right mix of architectural lighting.

A mixture of Hamburg´s city scenarios can be found at the Moxy Hotel´s lobby. When you think of Hamburg, on the one hand the port and the rough industrial style come to mind, from famous Reeperbahn to beach clubs, from charming channels to the majestic Elbe river. “All the different cult districts find their way into Moxy!” A welcoming beach atmosphere greets you at the hotel´s entrance, where Yori Evo Box provide accent lighting in combination with a cluster of suspended vintage bulbs that create a play of brilliants along the façade.

Stepping deeper into the hotel’s lobby, guests find a modern and attractive mixture of decorative pendant luminaires that provide a soft and warm illumination within the space. Particular decoration items, furniture and all graphic elements on the walls and on the floor are also highlighted by Yori Evo Box and the Yori Pendant. Rugs suspended in different heights from the concrete ceiling establish an interesting focal point above the seating area. The rugs are indirectly illuminated with Splyt, which has been modified to match the warm colour temperature of the general illumination.

In general, the lighting atmosphere is enhanced with the combination of general, soft light and accent lighting provided by spotlights. The light levels are progressively dimmed according to different scenarios, from bright in clear sunny days to dark for an intimate lighting atmosphere in the late evening .