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Yori IP66, the new system for outdoor lighting

19 January 2022
Yori family of projectors has widened: Yori IP66 is born for outdoor lighting. Yori IP66 represents the newest system of projectors for outdoors quality lighting. The system includes Yori IP66 and the Surface/Pendant and Wall version. The wide range of accessories makes Yori IP66 extremely versatile and suitable for different environments and architectural details. Yori […] Подробнее

Yori IP66 Brochure

19 January 2022
The new Yori IP66 outdoor lighting system brochure is now available for download. Inside the Yori IP66 you can find: — Introduction with the main key points of the system — Yori IP66 Contents and codes — Yori IP66 — Surface/Pendant Contents and codes — Yori IP66 Wall Contents and codes — Finishes Download: Yori […] Подробнее

Nidaros Cathedral project wins the Norsk Lyspris

16 December 2021
We are delighted to announce that the Nidaros Cathedral lighting project, managed by norwegian architect and lighting designer Erik Selmer, recently won the «Norsk Lyspris» awarded by Lyskultur: the prize represents an honorary recognition for lighting design and lighting products in Norway. The products featured in this project are a custom version of our Linea Luce […] Подробнее


19 April 2021
Designed to be powerful, flexible and particularly easy to install, this new family of recessed luminaires is available in 2 different versions: Adjustable and Fixed. The extremely thin trim (6mm) makes the product very discreet on any ceiling. Its IP54 standard certification provides durability and protection against dust and water, making it particularly suitable for spaces […] Подробнее

Yori Surface Base

02 March 2021
Yori Surface Base is the natural evolution of the Yori Semi-Recessed range. It is available in a wide range of sizes, from the ø22mm to ø95mm. It is equipped with a surface base with both integrated and remote driver. The Ø35mm and Ø43mm sizes are also available in an enhanced version (PRO: 7.5W, 8W and […] Подробнее

Incline Brochure

16 December 2020
We are happy to present the new Incline Brochure: an extensive presentation of our new Incline, with project simulations, technical specifications, many design details and a code summary. Inside the Incline brochure you can find: 1 — Incline System — Incline Opal — Incline Dark Performance — Incline Wall Washer — Ghostrack family 2 — Inspirations Simulations and project […] Подробнее


02 December 2020
A miniaturized yet high performing track lighting solution: Incline is a brand new range of linear lighting that is completely integrated inside the 14mm aperture of the standard 3-circuit track. Complemented with our invisible Ghostrack drivers, Incline literally disappears into the track, offering the very pinnacle in terms of discretion through light application. Incline is […] Подробнее

Miled Evo

30 September 2020
Evo means evolution: Miled Evo is the natural evolution of our Miled with new LEDs, new optics and more efficacy. This new range of downlights is dedicated to general diffused lighting for commercial spaces and offices and it’s ideal for application in projects with high ceilings and high lumen output required. Here’s a quick overview of the […] Подробнее

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