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Mood Pro


Mood Pro represents our range of recessed downlights. Characterized by a wide choice of sizes, from XS (Ø 30mm) to XL (Ø 150mm), the product comes with outstanding lumen packages and optics - including a Tunable white dimming range from 2700 to 6500K.

Technical specifications

  • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K 
  • CRI>90
  • Control options: DALI, On/off, Phase Cut and Dimm 1-10V
  • Tunable White dimming range from 2700K to 6500K
  • Warm Dimming available
  • Wide range of accessories like coloured and selective filters, lenses, honeycomb louvre and Wall Washer lens
  • Wide range of finishes available upon request

Mood Pro

Mood Pro represents our recessed downlights widest range offer. The range is characterized by minimal design, lumen packages that guarantee exceptional lighting performances, wide choice of sizes.

Pick your favourite

Adjustable, Fixed and Wall Washer

Mood Pro series is available in the Adjustable, Fixed and Wall Washer version. Based on your necessities, you can choose the one that better suits your lighting configuration.

Mood Pro Fixed

A complete range

Mood Pro Fixed is available both in round and square, and either trim or trimless. A discreet lighting tool that creates a soft ambience with exceptional glare control from the deep recessed lens. 

The Pro series comes in a variety of sizes: Ø30mm, Ø50mm, Ø80mm, Ø110mm, Ø150mm, both in trim and trimless versions. Moreover, it’s available in round and square shape. 

High lumen output

Lumen outputs to satisfy your lighting needs

The Mood Pro series presents stunning lumen packages:
  • XS (Ø30mm): up to 210lm delivered
  • S (Ø50mm): up to 500lm delivered
  • M (Ø80mm): up to 1000lm delivered
  • L (Ø110mm): up to 2000lm delivered
  • XL (Ø150mm): up to 3000lm delivered

Warm Dimming and Tunable White available

The Mood Pro series features technical aspects that allow the creation of soft and uniform illumination, making it the ideal solution for general lighting. There are different light distributions and color temperatures available, with Warm Dimming (1800K - 3000K) and Tunable White (2700K - 6500K) options included, as well as different control options, making it the perfect tool for all applications.

Something special?

Add that special touch

Mood Pro Fixed Round doesn't stop at being a minimal, efficient lighting solution. Use the cylinder or the dome versions to obtain a refined and upmarket result. The Dome version has an external IP65 rating: this makes it the ideal solution for indoor spaces that are humid or subject to splashes of water.

Discover the XS Family

Tiniest dimensions, high quality lighting

Mood Pro Fixed also offers miniaturization at its finest with an XS size available with only Ø30mm diameter, that features efficacy values up to 37lm/W. The XS version is also available in 4x Cluster, in either a line or square configuration.

Mood Pro Adjustable

Mood Pro Adjustable

The product represents the perfect family for creating extraordinary accent lighting when discreet lighting tools are required. The wide range of size, lens and wattage options, ensure the ability to accurately and intensely accent objects of interest, no matter the ceiling height.

Mood Pro Adjustable is available in different sizes, from S (Ø50mm) to XL (Ø150mm), both in the trim or trimless version. 

Thanks to its broad range of adjustability (horizontal 0°-35°/40°, vertical 358°), with Mood Pro Adjustable it is easy to focus the beam where it’s needed the most.

Play with the accessories

Choose the best accessory for every project need

Mood Pro Adjustable comes with a variety of aesthetic and optical accessories, to obtain a tailored result for every project. Choose among the wide range of optical accessories, plate accessories or interchangeable plates (also with IP54) for every project need.

Mood Wall Washer

The solution for an excellent wall washing result

Mood Pro Wall Washer is the ultimate solution for consistent, soft and comfortable wall washing. Available in four sizes (from Ø50mm to Ø150mm), both in round and square shapes, with lumen outputs up to 4000lm, allowing ambient lighting from walls or other vertical surfaces as high as 4 meters.

Mood Pro Wall Washer is available in different sizes, from S (Ø50mm) to XL (Ø150mm), both in the trim or trimless version. 

One, two, three steps

Mood Pro Wall Washer features different pre-set positions, depending on size, allowing adjustment of angles when using the product at different ceiling heights. Mood Pro Wall Washer is also available with a drop plate that guarantees an impactful and defined aesthetic with optimum wall washing performance.