Giunti Odeon represents an ambitious cultural project.

For years it has represented the most stunning movie theater in Florence, Cinema Odeon, built inside the Palazzo dello Strozzino, edified by the willing of Palla Strozzi around 1457, based on a project signed by Filippo Brunelleschi. The decision to use the building as an elegant movie theater took place as early as 1922.

After alternating periods as a theater and then a cinema, in 2023, the Odeon, which had never lost its splendid Art Nouveau style, has been the subject of a major renovation by the  architecture studio Benaim and reopened as Giunti Odeon – Bookshop and cinema. The space is spread over 1500 square meters which host shelves full of novels, essays and illustrated volumes, but at the same time it’s also used as the original cinema room both for evening screenings and for reading and studying. There is also a bistro café in the property.

Subjected to direct protection by the Ministry of Culture, the Odeon Cinema Theater has been the subject of many interventions including decorations, fountains, floors, lighting fixtures and the magnificent dome that have been restored, preserving the original architecture and the ancient beauty and charm, while being able to respond to today’s needs.

The lighting design coexists naturally with the historic architecture of the place. Yori Edge in gold color finish is installed above the historical columns, emerging from the niche, highglighting the refined details. Yori Evo 48V Pro complete the lighting scheme adding the correct final touch.