From 2 to 11 October 2015, Milan’s Sforza Castle played host to Water Design, an event which brought together projects by the finest international designers, architects and sector names on the theme of saving water.

Two main themes were covered, developed throughout various areas of the Castle. The first, “Water and Sustainability”, involved projects by Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni and Patricia Urquiola, displayed in the Rocchetta Courtyard.

These works specifically explored the topics of living and everyday life in relation to water. The exhibition invited the public to reflect on water consumption, demonstrating how through an alternative way of conceiving, designing and building our homes, we could considerably reduce waste.

Laviani, Lissoni and Urquiola produced three suggestive installations on contemporary living, connected symbolically thanks to a garden at the centre of the courtyard. In the garden, a water regeneration system comprising a pond with aquatic plants allowed the purification of waste water produced, reducing waste by over 70%.

The second theme was “Water and Wellbeing”. This featured projects by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, put together in the Ducal Courtyard.

Water as a source of wellbeing; the specific architecture of the courtyard with its large central bath creates a subconscious reference to a state of relaxation and pleasure of body and mind in contact with water and nature.

The installations were illuminated using Envios outdoor projectors and Metamorphosi ground-recessed luminaires. Thanks to the adjustable bracket with graduated goniometer, Envios projectors are suitable for a wide range of settings, ensuring optimum light orientation.

Accessories were used for in-ground positioning and for lighting the columns in the courtyards, and earth spikes allowed the creation of beautiful illumination for the trees of the large central garden and for the installation around the Rocchetta Courtyard’s striking water feature.

Envios boasts protection rating IP66. Made from extra-light, tempered safety glass, the projectors are resistant to temperature and mechanical shock, ensuring efficient operation and resistance against external stresses.

The Metamorphosi ground-recessed luminaire, used in Ferruccio Laviani’s installation in the Ducal Courtyard, plays a key role in the creation of an aesthetically intriguing atmosphere in which pieces of furniture and natural elements come together. The high-performing solution offers discreet installation, as well as excellent efficiency and reliability.  The drive-over luminaire also boasts protection rating IP67.

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