The history of this project was engendered by relationships that developed in prior projects with LAPD – for the design of a series of products – and Guftason Porter Studio – for a project for the Venice Architecture Biennial in 2008.

Gustafson Porter is a firm of international landscape architects operating within the disciplines of urban landscaping, architecture and design. The Woolwich Squares Project saw the inception of LAPD’s collaboration with Reggiani to study a specific lighting solution for an application with an articulated range of requirements.

The two Woolwich squares, which are interconnected by a walkway, are quite disparate from a functional point of view. A catenary system was developed for the market square, offering the facility lighting modulation. The second square is a park area, focused around an events arena. Here the lighting project was designed to project shadows through the branches with the use of lights at the top of the trees.

Reggiani’s LED Luce was identified as the most appropriate light source to offer suitable lighting for the context. The dimmable luminaires were developed so they could interface with the control systems and to maintain very high efficiency of the reflectors (LL2 + LL7 with LOR up to 89%) and of the system in general. Envios exterior luminaires can also be fitted with decorative accessories and anti-glare devices on the bezel/trim.

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