Medical practices require their own specific lighting. For the newly opened Dental Practice Gallo in Busca, Piedmont, a tailor made lighting design project has been developed to satisfy the specific needs of each space within the building.

The whole project resides on the idea of creating bright environments with essential and unobtrusive lines, able to create a dialogue with the simple lines of the building.

The space is characterized by a welcoming atmosphere for the patients: in the hallway, Trybeca Recessed Square is installed in double for a more refined aesthetic reason, with a colour temperature of 3000K, creating a comfortable result.

By entering the medical rooms, lighting becomes more specific. Trybeca Recessed Round is installed with a colour temperature of 4000K, creating coherence with the surgical lamps installed. A key point of the product in this case reside in its safety and hygiene: Trybeca consists in a single block diffuser that cannot be disassembled, preventing any dust or dirt to enter and therefore assuring maximum levels of hygiene.

The location is then characterized by the installation of Traceline recessed and surface, which follows the clean and minimal lines of the building, and complete therefore the interior design.

In the meeting rooms, Yori Linear is installed, assuring minimal glare and the comfort of the attendees.