The Opticas Cervantes boutique, in the heart of Seville, is all about the world of optics and is distinguished by its impressive range of eyewear from the most prestigious brands around the world. Most eyeglasses are made from translucent acetate, which has varying degrees of transparency and a wide range of colours, posing a real challenge when it comes to lighting.

“Luce attraverso” (through light) refers to a sequence of display niches where the light envelops the product from different angles, without revealing its position, thereby generating multiple planes with varying luminous intensities. The background of the niches represents a canvas where the light caresses the various textures, accentuating the different levels of transparency of the acetate and at the same time emphasising the glossiest surfaces with bright reflections.

This effect is obtained with the incredibly slender and discreet but high-performance Linea Luce Slim linear luminaires. The choice for the general lighting fell to the Adjustable and Wall Washer versions of the Mood recessed luminaires because of its excellent colour rendering (an exceptional CRI >90).

Against this, the lighting of the display window comes from the Yori Evo Box projectors – perfect at night thanks to their high light output – and the elegant Yori Pendant, both with an embossed matte black finish. Yori Pendant is also used in the private room reserved for VIP customers, where the constant play of light and shadow makes the space friendly, calm and almost theatrical.

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