Balfegó is a gastronomic space designed to spread the culture of tuna. Its lighting concept seeks the immersion of the diner in an idyllic maritime environment.

Along with the interior designers and chefs, the goal was to create different immersion levels accompanied by a dim dynamic light that resembled the sun filtered by water in order to enhance the gastronomic experience. The main hall functions as a restaurant, where the dynamic light receives the guests and invites them to learn more about the Bluefin. With fish swimming in space, and waves surrounding the scene, everyone is welcome to an immersive world.

The total immersion of the guest into the maritime world was achieved through the dynamic light concept of the main hall. This displays a central piece: the “school of fish”, composed of 88 units of customized LED spots with warm filters (2700K), placed down the central room, illuminating more than a hundred acrylic fish hanging from the ceiling, forming a circle. Also, these luminaries mark the atmosphere throughout the room, with another 60 led spots on the curtains and bars (3000K), creating a wave effect and controlled by DMX programming to simulate the sea movement. The blue curtains surrounding it, resemble fishnets and have a wave shape, which interacts within the ambiance to get the diner to sit down, relax and start their gastronomic journey. The main tables and bar are illuminated by thin pendant cylinders hanging suggesting the edge of the boats with 2W warm LED spot lights.

Through the different levels of immersion, the guest embarks on a thematic, didactic and special journey.

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